Is Hannah Baker the Modern Dido?

The queen addresses her followers (source:

Welcome to your tape, pious Aeneas.

Haha, who wants to write this idea? A feature commenting on the compelling but less-than-feminist nature of the way “13 Reasons Why” glorifies suicide with a funny and insightful comparison to Dido, the burning queen of Carthage in Virgil’s Aeneid.

Inclusive of the way the mental health-savvy internet has sounded off against the mini-series’ depiction of suicide and sexual violence, of course, this post could speak to a culture vulture’s enduring (if problematic) love affair with “sexy” suicidal women.

Any takers? We’re on the end of the wave of the “13 Reasons Why,” internet outrage, but I don’t really care about patriarchal trends on the blog duhhhhhh.

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