Your Soundtrack to the Revolution

17+ songs to give you life while you fight for the resistance.

The first week of our national shame is over. We’re entering the full-on resistance phase of the post-truth, pro-hate political era. The shock and sadness is still there, but the impetus to act out and reject hate is growing. Stand up, speak out, don’t forget, stay awake, hold on to your passion, and don’t slow down as the alt right attempts to further-normalize bigotry, oppression and violence. It’s time to act for the resistance! Stay pumped-the-fuck-up in your quest to tear this hate up. No matter how you’ve chosen to contribute to the revolution, I hope this badass music will keep you motivated and awake.

Here is an ongoing, unordered list of the raddest feminist, racial-equality, ad progressive anthems to help you keep your head right. Add suggestions in the comments, please! Listen in while you burn it down.

  1. “None of your Business,” Salt ‘n Pepa

Raddest lyric: “Your double standards don’t mean shit to me.”

2. “You Don’t Own Me,” by Lesley Gore

Raddest lyric: “You don’t own me / Don’t try to change me in any way”

3. “Rebel Girl,” Bikini Kill

Raddest lyric: “When she talks, I hear the revolution”

4. “Takin’ bout a Revolution,” Tracy Chapman

Raddest lyric: “While they’re standing in the welfare lines / Crying at the doorsteps of those armies of salvation”

5. “Run the World (Girls),” Beyonce

Raddest lyric: “Hope you still like me, F U Pay me”

6. “Mississippi Goddam,” Nina Simone

Raddest lyric: “Hound dogs on my trail / School children sitting in jail / Black cat cross my path / I think every day’s gonna be my last”

7. “You Gotta Be,” Des’ree

Raddest lyric: “Stand up and be counted”

8. “Proud,” Tegan and Sara

Raddest lyric: “I make my mark and fight for tomorrow”

9. “Changes,” 2Pac ft. Talent

Raddest lyric: “I see no changes all I see is racist faces / Misplaced hate makes disgrace to races”

10. “Bad Reputation,” Joan Jett

Raddest lyric: “You’re living in the past / it’s a new generation”

11. “Doll Parts,” Hole

Raddest lyric: “I want to be the girl with the most cake”

12. “Sisters are Doin’ It for Themselves,” Eurythmics

Raddest lyric: “So we’re comin’ out of the kitchen / ’Cause there’s somethin’ we forgot to say to you”

13. “U.N.I.T.Y.” Queen Latifah

Raddest lyric: “And nothing good gonna come to ya / ’til you do right by me”

14. “Free Your Mind,” En Vogue

Raddest lyric: “Free your mind and the rest will follow / Be color blind, don’t be so shallow”

15. “Stronger (What Doesn’t Kill You),” Kelly Clarkson

Raddest lyric: “You know I dream in color / And do the things I want.”

16. “Hot Topic,” Le Tigre

Raddest lyric: “So much bullshit but we won’t give in / Don’t you stop / I can’t live if you stop.”

17. “I am Woman,” Helen Reddy

Raddest lyric: “You can bend but never break me / ’Cause it only serves to make me / More determined to achieve my final goal / And I come back even stronger / Not a novice any longer / ’Cause you’ve deepened the conviction in my soul.”

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